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Can I be considered as an in-state resident if I am applying to US as an intl student, but could move to US permanently?

I am a recent high school graduate (class of 2020) and back in 2019, my family had received an opportunity to live in the US as permanent residents, the process halted due to COVID-19, and we weren't able to make it this year but will hopefully make it in 2021. My initial plans were to apply to US colleges once I moved there so that I could apply as an in-state resident but since we couldn't make it this year, I am applying as an international student and considering this possibility of living in the US as a permanent resident has been really confusing for me. I also got to know that for receiving in-state tuition facilities, one must live in that state for at least a year. For instance, I get accepted into a public university as an international student, but I move to the US along with my family in the same state, will I be able to change my plan from an international student to a instate resident the following year, in the same university once I qualify as an in-state resident? I will be grateful for any information regarding this matter that you could provide me. Thank you very much for your time.

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So Im 100% sure but I’ll answer this the best I can. You aren’t an instate resident when you apply as you have not lived in the state for atleast a year. After your family lives in state for a year with at least one of your family members working (thus proving they aren’t instate just for education) you can then talk to the school (believe the financial aid or registrar) about getting instate tuition as you’d satisfy the residency requirements then. The requirements vary by state and school so if you’d like to you can tell me your school so I can pull up the residency requirements.

Hope this helps and feel free to comment if you’s like clarification as I’d be more than happy to help!

Congrats on the move and wishing you luck!


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