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What would college-in-the-high school classes be considered in my chancing profile?


I am filling out my college chancing profile for collegevine and I was wondering if college in the high school classes would be considered "honors classes" or "college courses taken at a local four-year or community college". For example, I am a junior this year taking the central (state) university pre-calculus class at my high school. It is taught by one of our high school teachers, but I signed up to earn college credit through the class. So it is not technically taken at the university, but it is a university-level class. I assume it would be considered a "college course" but I wanted to verify to ensure my chancing profile is as accurate as possible.

Thank you so much!

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It’s definitely not Honors so it’s either AP/IB or College and I agree with AJ that’s it’s college level.

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3 years ago

The main question is if the credit is an option that doesn't change the course material or if the college provides the material for the explicit purpose of receiving college credit.

I've taken many a class where you can sign up to earn credit through a local university, automatically or through some testing, but where the class is the same should you not sign up for the credit. In this case, the class is very likely just an honors class with the potential benefit of credit. In my experience, this is the most likely case.

However, if the class is for the express purpose of college credit and is more so administered by the college, then it's probably a course taken through the college.

Either way, it shouldn't really affect your chancing profile too much, especially with the large range now given due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Best of luck to you on your applications!

3 years ago

I believe that because you are earning college credit directly through the class, it would count as "college courses taken at a local four-year or community college" in the chancing profile.

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