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How much will two B's first trimester of sophomore year affect my applications?

Hi! My school just finished the first trimester, and I got 2 B's, one B in honors algebra 2, and one B+ in AP Chemistry. I'm a little disappointed that my GPA has fallen to a 3.9 from a 4.0, but I understand a 3.9 is still a strong score. However, I am worried about how these B's will look on my applications to college. I want to apply to some fairly competitive colleges, my dream schools are UMich, Notre Dame, and Duke, but I'm not sure I'll be a competitive enough applicant. In addition to this, I'm planning to go into medicine and hopefully major in Psychology, so I'm supposed to be good at math and science, but my grades say otherwise. I've always been weak in math and science and the rigor in addition to a few other factors such as my test anxiety and online learning have not made things much better. Please help me! Thanks so much in advance for answering my question.


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I think that if you keep on working hard and getting good grades, you will be totally fine. You don't have to have a perfect 4.0, and especially since your B's are in honors and AP courses, they can see that you are challenging yourself and that is respectable. A 3.9 is perfectly fine, especially when schools also look at other categories like EC's and letters of recommendation. Quick add on though, if you're planning on going into STEM or something math/chem related, I would work hard to raise those later this year. Improvement always looks good. I have similar dream schools; good luck!


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