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Will not doing any ECs, winning awards etc. because of covid going to hurt my chances at T-10?

A hyper tensed international freshman here-

The only activity I could do right now is writing a blog (which I am not rn) because we don't have any clubs in my school except scouts and I cannot even participate in any competition right now because of the pandemic. How badly is this going to affect my chances at T-10 uni?


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11 months ago[edited]

Hello! Iḿ also a freshman and had a very similar problem. I heard from another upperclassmen on this site that not having EC´s this year isn't great, but also understandable! But that doesn't mean you shouldn't try!

- There are still competitions going on virtually as well as summer programs (I´m not sure what your interested in but I could recommend some STEM competitions if you´re interested!)

- You could also try to start your own club at your school if possible.

- But if none of those are to your liking, maybe start a passion project. Like make an app or a game (if your interested in making a coding project, I could help give you some pointers), start a youtube channel, or a blog or teach younger students a skill of yours over zoom.

- Additionally, I think family obligations also count as EC´s, for example: I tutor my siblings and make them lunch each day because my parents are working so I think that counts as an EC as well.

I hope this helped in some way!


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