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Can I change the first and last name on my profile?

I don't remember entering my first or last name, so I assume Collegevine used the display name from my Gmail account. It got my first name right, but it's listing my last name as the same as my first name— when I go to my profile, it says my full name is "[my first name] [my first name again]." Is there any way for me to change this, or to have it changed? It would be cool if colleges recognized me, and that may not happen if they can't see my last name.

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10 months ago[edited]

You would actually have to email support@collegevine to have it changed. The main purposes of the name is what you will be addressed by in promotional emails and if you use the network feature to connect with admission counselors.

If you want help on what to email them:

Dear CollegeVine,

On my profile I have my name as [insert name on CollegeVine here]. My last name on CollegeVine is currently the same as my first. Can you please allow me to change my last name to my actual last name?

Thanks so much!


(Your Name)

I hope this helps!


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