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College Vine stats for BU

How does CollegeVine make an estimate for my chances of getting into a college? Where are their statistics coming from because when I look on Cappex, specifically for Boston University, it shows me a scattergram, but those stats show students that were admitted like 10 years ago. And BU is significantly harder to get into now than it was ten years ago. It just feels kinda odd that my chancing profile has me at an 80% chance of getting accepted into Boston University, but my GPA is a 3.1, but with 14 IB/AP. I'm not complaining, but I'm just trying to understand. It seems a bit optimistic.


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Hi! Thank you for asking this question. It's safe to say that not every online calculator or trend history is going to be an accurate picture of your admissions chances. However, there are ways to get really close to right. Most college admissions officers today look for things that make you unique and special as an applicant, especially at more selective schools like BU. Beyond academics, selective schools care about your activities, how specialized your background is towards your major of interest, your demographic makeup, where your hometown is, etc. The CollegeVine calculator takes more than just academics (e.g unweighted grades, standardized test, classes, class rank) into account, and this is what makes it so accurate. We include items like demographics, hometowns, intended majors, financial aid considerations and years worth of data from past student successes to create the perfect picture of you as an applicant. In short, our chancing engine takes A LOT into account when determining your admissions chances.

It does appear that your unweighted GPA is below the average applicant to BU, so I see why you are curious. But possibly the other factors (such as your course rigor) are still boosting your profile chances! To make sure that your admissions chances are indeed accurate, I would also suggest double-checking your entries into the chancing engine. And definitely make sure to write strong essays and obtain great letters of recommendations for your applications. These will help ensure your success to the universities that you apply to:) Best of luck!


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