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Does having an alpaca farm and being a child abuse survivor make my application stand out?

I just applied ED and am very nervous waiting for results. I have "strong" grades and SAT scores according to College Vine for this school, but am worried that it still won't be enough. My chanceing is 25-35%, but I feel like there is more to me than just my grades. The EC tiers also don't make sense to me. Anyway, I wrote my essay on testifying against my abuser and what justice means to me. I also mentioned it during my interview as something that influences me to help others as I know what it feels like to be left behind. I just added the alpacas as an EC and mentioned them during the interview. Would this help?

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I'm sorry to hear that you experienced child abuse. I do think that your essay on testifying against your abuser that taught you to help influence others is strong enough to enhance your application further. However, I'm not so sure about the alpaca farm. Was there any significance about the alpaca farm, anything special about it?


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