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Networking on CollegeVine

I see that CollegeVine now has a Networking tool. UMiami, BU, and Syracuse are my top schools. I was able to "connect" with them via CollegeVine. Does this actually connect you to the school as far as demonstrating interest?

@Shray5 months ago

Hey, no it doesn't as far as I know, but it's quite helpful in making you completely familiar with how the college application system works and gives a brief idea about the acceptance of your application at your dream Institute.

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a year ago

Hey! We're glad you're trying out the network! In a year of disruptions from COVID, we're trying to find better ways to connect students and universities. By joining the network, you can connect with and demonstrate interest to various colleges.

Once you connect, you'll see a different experience depending on the configuration of the school. For example, some schools will automatically assign an admissions officer to you that you can chat with, others have structured journeys you can go through, etc.

At the minimum, we let the school know you connected with them on CollegeVine as a means of demonstrating interest. Note that not all schools consider demonstrated interest in their admissions decisions so the impact can vary per school.


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