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How should I know if I should pursue an EC throughout High School and how does one strengthen it?

I've gotten a web app I made promoted by my district, I made it to help students with homework with and without DL. I´d like to pursue it throughout all of highschool but now Iḿ questioning whether I should. I wanted to take a moment to think about whether I should. So If I keep asking districts to promote it (lets say 200 districts promote it) would it rank at the same level as having a web app with more than 1 million visitors a year? I suppose not ... I just thought because this hasn't been done by a lot of people it would stand out more. I´´´m just having a hard time ranking it in one of the tiers if I do end up pursuing it throughout high school (I was trying to set a goal number but couldn´t because I was confused)

I would like to pursue this project throughout all of highschool but should I if it wont contribute to my application? Iḿ afraid Iĺl pour all of my time into this EC and have it just be a faint part in my application. What do you suggest I do? I´ve become a bit stumped and would appreciate any help!


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3 years ago

Hi! Great question. It seems like you have devoted a lot of time to this activity of yours, and it seems a lot of folks want to use your web app so congratulations! It seems that 200 school districts want to adopt the app which to me seems like a lot of users, implying your app is good quality. If your app is used in 200 school districts I would say it is on par with 1 million visitors each year. Now the numbers don't exactly correspond here, but the adoption to school districts at large is more significant than say one user using your app.

In regards to whether this makes your application competitive - I would say that if computer science is your field of interest and you plan on applying to this for college, it is for sure helping! Even if you decide to apply to another major, this activity seems to be picking up traction and demonstrates your abilities in tech, marketing, critical thinking and so much more which is still impressive. I would suggest you continue this project if you are truly passionate about it, even aside from the reason to get into college, because it seems you are learning a lot from this.

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