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How to explore your passions and determine a path for the rest of your high school years in 9th grade

Iḿ a freshman in highschool and I was wondering about something In College Vines 9th grade guide. So, it says Freshman year should be used to explore your passions and determine a path for the rest of your high school years and that you should focus on building your experience, expertise, and reputation in the activity.

I´ve started a passion project (Web app and gotten it promoted by my district) and joined a club related to this interest and I´m also learning a coding language on the side does this count as exploring my passions and building your experience, expertise, and reputation in it? I also really like math and I want to tutor students with math virtually but my other ECs Iḿ having a hard time figuring out how I could do that.

What I would like to do is tutor students in math, learn a coding language(I write a blog about what I learn in an easy way for younger students to understands), and work on my passion project. But I feel like I´ll do better if I focus on one or two of my ECs (web app and tutor <<Do you think it's too late in the year to start participating in an EC I just realized how I like the Idea of it!) and save the other one (learning to code) for summer is a better. But I also really want to continue to learn to code, what do you think I should do? I´ve cut down other ECs and these are the ones I really would like to continue to pursue but i'm tied and don't want to pick, should I try to see if I really do enjoy tutoring before I postpone any ECs?

Also: Do all your ECs have to stand out or as long as they help tell your story are they a good choice?

Additionally this isn't really related to my question but i've started doing a bit of SAT prep, do you think it's a good Idea to do this as a Freshman? And if not whens a good time to start?

I´d appreciate any advice you have for me!


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3 years ago

Hello! It sounds like you're more than on track to exploring your passion(s). As a freshman, I'd say try to worry less about what will look good for college and focus more on what you WANT to do. If you want to tutor, learn a coding language, and work on your passion project—go for it! Tutoring students in math sounds particularly important because it will help others which is a good thing to do (for college but more importantly just in general as a human). And no, all your EC's definitely do not have to stand out! Just do your best and focus on what you really enjoy an dare excited about. With regards to SAT prep, you can start reviewing concepts now, but I'd say Sophomore year would be a better time to really start studying. No need to stress yourself out too early. Hope this helps and good luck!

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