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Should SATs matter?

So I just got an email stating that my SATs got cancelled. I've should have taken my SAT march of this year but because of covid it got cancelled. I was gonna take it again in October but that got cancelled as well. I was gonna take it this Saturday but yesterday i got an email from college board saying it got cancelled. So this got me wondering. Should I reapply for the SATs or to just leave it and not do it at all?

What worries me is that im a senior and college applications are coming up. I have a 3.81 weighted GPA, taken numerous AP and honors classes, and is president of a club at my school, but im worried that not taking the SATs but damage my transcript.

Should I be worried?

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I don't understand your question about reapplying for the SAT test. If your December 5th date is cancelled, when is the next test date? March?

If it's not in the next week or two, it will be too late to have it count for your college admissions, and March is out of the question.

I recommend that you focus on making your college application as tight and cohesive as possible. Put more effort into your essays and getting the best possible recommendations. Since many HS seniors do not have grades from last Spring semester, make sure that you have the best possible transcript you can get this Fall so application officers see you in the best light.

Close to 50% of applicants or more will not be submitting standardized test scores and none of the colleges requires them so you really should be expending energy worrying about such things this late in the game.

More weight is on grades and essays this admissions cycle so focus on what you can control, not what you can not control.

Good luck with your applications journey.


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