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Can I fix my college applications?

I feel incredibly stupid at this point but it is what it is. I applied to over 10 schools about a month ago and most are early action. I didn’t apply test optional but am taking the Dec sat. Most of my apps are incomplete waiting for the scores, which i expected. But, I don’t have the money to pay to send my scores. What will happen to the schools I don’t send my scores too? Or is there a way I could change it and apply test optional ? I was confused and got false advice I guess before submitting my apps. Also, when do you have to put on college board who to send scores to by?

If this doesn’t make sense, lmk and i’ll try to clarify


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4 years ago


Firstly, each SAT exam allows you to send your test scores to four schools free of cost, provided you complete the "score sends" action before December 14th ( I am assuming your writing the December 5th SAT).

That fixes 4 of ur 10+ schools SAT requirements. My suggestion is that u pick these schools wisely, the ones which u are eager to go to, and feel that ur GPA and other parts of the application suit well.

Moreover, College board provides fee waivers to allow students to send their SAT scores. But is only possible if you talk to your school counselor first, and probably contact college board as well to find out about further details of the fee waivers.

Regarding changing your choice to test-optional, on the application portals, some schools do show that option. Personally, I have seen that in Penn State, Uni of Cincinnati, and Michigan State university.

In other cases you can always email the admission office or call them up, they would be happy to guide you in making such changes.

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