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How does transferring schools senior year affect the application process?

I am a senior who transferred from a traditional public school to a cyber charter school due to COVID. Will I need to get my old school to send a school report to the colleges I applied to or will they request it themselves? I took only the most challenging classes and I want colleges to see that. Will I need a transcript from my old school as well as my new one? The transcript I have from my current high school has the classes from my former one too. Thanks!


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11 months ago

Most colleges will require you to submit a complete record, albeit in your case a pieced together record, of your entire coursework and grades from 9th Grade to Mid 12th Grade. A small minority of colleges will then recalculate their own GPA based on your total academic record. These would be schools like the UC System colleges in CA and Stanford that primarily use 10th and 11th grades. Therefore getting a jump on this is critical to you being evalulated during this 20-21 application cycle. You have a little more than 3 1/2 weeks to get all your records together. And if your best work was done previously at the cyber-charter school, make sure you have a couple of recommendations lined up from your teachers there.

Best of luck this admissions cycle.


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