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Should I do more extracaricular activities? What do colleges look for? Does sctivites I did in middle school count?

I am involved in FFA-2 yrs, Hatchet club-1 yr, Basketball- since second grade, Track-3 years- 2 years in middle school, JV2 Volleyball-1 yr, Junior firefighting-1 yr,

Middle school:

Model UN



Cross country



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11 months ago

So to address the questions backward activities in middle school are only impactful if it was a prestigious award like winning state and you continue that activity into High school. There are a few exceptions but have your application focus on post MS schools.

What colleges look for is community involvement like volunteering doing something with a club essentially not being a one wo/man show. They look forward leadership like being on board of a club and the responsibilities you have been tasked with. They also look at your accomplishments such as did you place in a prestigious event? They also look at what I call prestigious affiliations. Essentially being president of an anime club at your school is less impressive than being the president of DECA or other similiar clubs.

As I referenced in the leadership section schools look for accomplishments and just doing as many clubs as possible doesnt lend it self to getting accomplishments. You should try to multiple clubs but focus in on a few specific ones and go for leadership in a few not membership in lots.

Hope this helps and feel free to comment if you’s like clarification as I’d be more than happy to help!

11 months ago

You shouldn't look for more ECs but try and get leadership positions, colleges look for dedication not necessarily amount. No middle school stuff doesn't count, only things from the 9th grade onwards.

11 months ago

If you feel like you have enough free time then yes definitely look into joining more clubs, groups, etc. It would very beneficial to emphasize on the activities you continued from middle school and into the present high school path. But still make sure to cover all the activities you are currently participating in or did throughout high school. When colleges see that you have actively participated in basketball and track for several years they will appreciate your ability to stay consistent and hold a great deal of passion for those sports. As I said before though, if you think your schedule is not too busy then try joining new things.

Hope this help :)


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