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01/30/2020 at 04:51PM[edited]

Would colleges see me studying abroad for a year as a good thing?


I'm graduating a year early to go study abroad for an academic year. With this being said, would colleges see this as a positive or negative aspect considering I wasn't able to take more AP classes senior year? I'm on track to be taking 7 AP/IB classes by the time I graduate...should I take some more online?

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01/31/2020 at 11:01PM

First off, I want to say I think it is pretty cool you get to have this experience while you are still in high school! Just so I make sure I'm understanding correctly, you'll be graduating next year as a junior? And then you'll be enrolled in a school somewhere abroad for an entire academic year?

In general, I think you'll be totally ok with doing this. If you do end up taking 7 APs and are able to get good grades while you are abroad it's entirely possible this will look BETTER on your application compared to if you took more APs. Not many students get to study abroad for a year while still in high school. Since this is such a unique experience that should hopefully impact your life (or your perspective of life) in some way you will be able to use the experience as the centerpiece to your college application. If you think you'll have time for some online AP classes it may not hurt to sign up for them but make sure you aren't spreading yourself too thin. It will be better to have 7 APs, good grades, and a meaningful and memorable experience abroad than it will be to have 10 APs, have your grades drop because you're doing to much, and an abroad experience that you struggle to incorporate into your college applications. Hopefully I explained everything clearly for you but if you have follow-up questions let me know!