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ED1 and ED2

Hi! I am a junior this year and I am trying to understand the college app process. Can I apply to two different schools for ED 1 and ED2? Would it be “illegal” to do that?

Note: specifically, I am considering Columbia university(ED 1) and job Hopkins university (ED 2)


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a year ago

You can apply to both of those schools through those ED plans but you must be absolutely confident Columbia is your first choice.

In your senior year, you can apply to Columbia via Early Decision I. If you get accepted you are required to attend. In this scenario, you cannot apply to JHU through EDII. You should NOT submit your EDII app to JHU while waiting on a decision from Columbia either.

You can only apply to JHU through EDII if deferred or rejected by Columbia University. And you can only submit your app AFTER said rejection and deferral.

So you should apply to Columbia if it is your absolute first choice. If you are unsure of where you want to go, you should apply Regular decision to both schools.

Hope this helped!


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