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I am a junior in high school. Recently my family moved to different city so I had to switch schools. I started the new school in my junior year. Before I moved I used to go to one of the top competitive schools which is usually ranked within the top 40 high schools in the nation. But now that I moved I go a zone high school. The new school does not have as many APs or clubs offered. In my old school, I was apart of three different clubs had a board position (I was Events Coordinator) in one of them. In the new school, they do not have the same clubs offered as my old school. I started a new club and am the founder/president of the new club. How will colleges look at this? Will they still consider that I was apart of three clubs in my old school, or will it not matter since I transferred? If they do look at my old clubs at my old school, will they consider that I took more clubs than the average student at my new school, and will it help my admissions chances? Thank you.

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Colleges review applications holistically, meaning that they take into account your current situation and don't necessarily compare it to other people because everyone has different circumstances. They'll look at the time you spent at your previous high school and determine whether or not you were taking advantage of the opportunities available to you at that school. Then, they'll look at the time you spent at your new school and see how you've taken advantage of the opportunities at this school. See an example below:

John Doe went to the top high school in the US for his first two years of high school. He was the President of multiple prestigious clubs such as Key Club, HOSA, ModelUN, etc. He took 5 AP classes his freshman and sophomore year and his school offered 15 AP classes.

John Doe then moved to a generic public high school in a different state. This school did not offer the same clubs that his old school offered, but he made the best of the situation and founded new clubs. This school only offered 10 AP classes, but he still took advantage of every AP class offered.

As you can see, it doesn't matter whether or not your school has more opportunities than others. Colleges are going to look at whether or not you took advantage of the opportunities you had, not the ones you could've had but no longer have access to. I hope this helps!

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