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Transferring schools Junior year?


I am a junior in high school. My family recently moved to different city. Before we moved I used to go to one of the top competitive high schools in the nation. But now I go to a zone school. How will this affect my college application? Will they hold it against me because I moved from a good high school to an average school? Or will they not care?

Also, I took honors Algebra II, AP Bio, and AP Euro in sophomore year. My new school does not offer these courses. How will colleges look at my application in regard to the other people at my new school? Will they look the year I took these classes and compare me with my old school's students? In other words, will they compare my freshman and sophomore year to the students in my old school or will they only compare it to the new school students? If they only look at the new students, does that make my college application more competitive since I took APs that my new school does not offer?

Thank you.


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3 years ago

I truly believe they will look at your transcript with 2 lenses, the 1st lens being what you did with what you had up until your Sophomore year, and what you are doing at the new school given the lackluster resources and class choices. Therefore, I do not think any college admissions officer would penalize you for switching schools because it wasn't your fault or doing. It was because of your parents and since they are not applying to college, they will only look at your circumstances within the context of your environments, the old one, and the new one.

Unless you fall in rank or your grades drop, I don't think I would worry very much.

Try your best to take the most difficult classes offered.

Then try to enroll with dual = enrollment in the local community colleges. You may have to find the courses first and then appeal for them to get accepted as dual enrollment so be clever and resourceful.

You can always take some college courses online as well. This year I took Calculus I Math 6210 and Psychology Psy 6010 through outlier.org and earned 6 college credits and got As in them as well. I signed up for AP Calc and AP Pysch tests just to see if I can get a 5 in them as well.

I also recommend looking at eDX.org. I'm taking AP Physics through Davidson NEXT there and they have dozens of AP classes taught by university professors that will well prepare you for the AP exams. Colleges want to see you are making the most of your time. They really don't care where you are taking classes. In this COVID-19 environment, all colleges are online anyway for the time being so if you can show you are capable of taking college-level courses and thriving that's always a plus.

My dad moved from the West coast to the East coast during junior year and after about 2 months of resenting his parents, he said he met some of the best people he knows at his new school and they are still Facebook friends.

I hope that helps you. Don't worry.

Just find a workaround and try your best to be creative in this unprecedented time we all living through.

3 years ago

Hi! Colleges will absolutely consider the fact that you moved and this could make your application stronger! They consider context so if your school does not offer many APs you most likely will not get penalized. I'm in a similar situation as you, and personally I took classes in my neighboring community colleges to make up for this. I also registered to take the exams of some AP classes so that I could self study. Since your new school is less competitive you would want to fall into the top 5% of your class (If you want to get into any ivies) to show that in a less competitive school you are one of the best.

Since you already took APs they will compare your application to kids in your new neighborhood. You are at a higher advantage because you already have 2, making your application look better compared to theirs (depending on the scores you received on these classes and exams).

Hope this helps!

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