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12/05/2020 at 06:07PM

This is about CollegeVine: can we cancel reviews/how, if possible?

I recently clicked on someone's essay to provide feedback only to realize that it was the same essay I had previously read the day before, only they had changed a few parts so I didn't recognize the intro. No hate to the person, as I do that too, but I didn't want to provide little feedback, since all the feedback I could suggest was already in my previous review. So, I wanted them to have a different partner so that I didn't offer little insight, and they would get a fresh pair of eyes. However, I couldn't find anywhere that let you cancel a review, and so I had to wait there for an hour for it to cancel manually. And now I have to wait 24 hours before I can review any essays again.

I like reviewing, and I've found it very eye-opening to hear other people's stories. This seems rather avoidable, so is there a way to cancel a review? If so, how?

Side note: I know the guidelines are to "... keep posts relevant to college admissions and high school...," but I really wasn't sure where to ask this question. Sorry if this is the wrong place!

@DebaterMAX12/06/2020 at 05:48AM

I believe it just times out so just say I already read this yesterday I don’t believe I could accurately review this and then click the submit button.

[🎤 AUTHOR]@Rivera4212/06/2020 at 09:52PM

Yes but then I would've wasted their karma and that didn't seem fair either.

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12/07/2020 at 08:57PM

Hi there! We currently don't allow users to cancel reviews because we want to limit the number of students who see an essay before it's reviewed. In this situation, we recommend reviewing the essay again and commenting on any changes made.

Of course, I see your concern that the user may feel they "wasted" karma if they don't get a totally different perspective. This situation doesn't occur frequently, but we will revisit ways to prevent users from getting duplicate (or near duplicate essays) in the future.

We appreciate your feedback! Let us know if you have more questions.

Accepted Answer
[🎤 AUTHOR]@Rivera4212/08/2020 at 12:30AM

Hi CollegeVine people! I'm so glad you were able to see my question, as I wasn't sure where to ask.

Awesome, that sounds like a great compromise. I've recently noticed I've been getting the same submissions after people edit and repost. Thanks for your response.

P.S. Just a thought, but maybe we could pay with karma if we want to cancel? That way, we'd still be encouraged to complete the review, and it wouldn't be practical to cancel too many times.

12/05/2020 at 07:48PM

As of now, I don't think there is a way to do so. Something similar happened to me and I also had to suffer the penalty. Although that was actually the second time I failed to finish a review. The first time I had an emergency so I closed my laptop and left and when I came back I didn't suffer a penalty although the time limit had expired. Although at that point I didn't even know there was a penalty. But the admins do go through the Q&A section so they might update the site due to your concerns. That actually happened to me and I was both happy and really surprised it did. Hope this helps.

[🎤 AUTHOR]@Rivera4212/06/2020 at 09:53PM

Yeah, that sucks. I appreciate your response, and I hope the developers/admins are able to fix this. Thanks!