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Conducting research for curiosity/passion vs conducting research for a problem/passion

I want to conduct research sometime after Covid-19, I've made an app for elementary students and it's been useful for students who use it. I'd like to strengthen my problem statement I made for the application with data, I can see some correlations in the data I've collected so far but I'd like to have more accurate evidence to support the problem statement I've made. I've tried to do it myself, however, I've run into some problems with lurking variables and how to control them. I don't need this data at the moment but I'd like to have it in the future so I can strengthen it when I begin to pitch my app more. This might be a silly question, but I was wondering if this is a bit wrong or taking advantage of the professor or organization that helps me with the research if I use it to benefit my application?


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I don't think using a project you have taken time to do is wrong especially if the project has had an impact on you. College applications want to know about you and if that you include someone who has made an app well talk about the app.


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