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In your Chancing Analysis, are you factoring in choice of Major?

I would assume some Majors are more difficult to get into at some schools.

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3 years ago

For the chancing engine I know it asks for your major so I’d assume it would. If you want to test it try looking at at a school that you have a 20% chance with your current major then try history and computer Sci if that changes anything then majors are impacted in chancing. If you want a more official answer I’d recommend you email support@collegevine.com

3 years ago

That's going to be difficult to measure. I live in California, so my info is related to that. If you go to Berkeley's site, they share High Demand/Impacted majors: https://lsadvising.berkeley.edu/majors-minors/declare-or-change-major . Alternative majors are listed. For example, computer science is high demand, but applied mathematics and data science are not listed as high demand. Then I'm including the link for the old Eligibility Index scores for San Jose State. https://www.sjsu.edu/admissions/impaction/freshmen-impaction-results/index.php It used to be that all applicants were issued a score when they applied. The score was based on gpa and test scores. Let's say you want Computer Science, but that needs a score of 4825. You only have a score of 4000. You could state Physics or Applied Math- Applied & Computational, which have scores of 3000. You could always apply to switch majors later, but only to majors that needed scores of 4000 or below, like Civil Engineering.

If your school subscribes to SCOIR instead of Naviance, the applicants are allowed to self-report the major for the scattergram. That can be so useful.

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