7 months ago
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Should I add a a small business to my Common App activities list?

During the pandemic, I have started to make and sell masks through some selling sites like poshmark, depop, and mercari. As someone who is going into a business/accounting major, I thought it might be a good idea to include this in my activities list to show that I am already starting to create a business on a small level. It is not an "official" type of business or anything. I just sew, market, package, and ship masks through these sites. I have sold at least over 200, if not more. Would this be a good idea to include this in my activities list?


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7 months ago

Yes of course. This is a great example of using the pandemic downtime to help others and learn more about starting an online business. It's more impressive than tutoring or working at a fast-food restaurant.


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