2 years ago
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What are some alternatives to campus visits amid the COVID-19 crisis?

Am a junior who wanted to visit campuses over the summer but got stuck at home due to shelter in place orders.

Am looking specifically in CA


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2 years ago

Hi! I am in the same situation. I've done some research and there are a lot of Virtual tours and other Virtual Events happening. You'll have to check the website depending on what colleges you're looking at, but here are some events happening at some colleges that I know of. At Drexel University, they are having Virtual information sessions and an all-day one on one chat on zoom from Monday- Saturday (Times Vary) At The University of Delaware, they are offering virtual experience and information sessions, Monday- Friday (Times Vary).

If you want to find a list of colleges doing virtual events, I would suggest looking at the Forbes.com article titled "Redesigning College Admission: COVID-19, Access, And Equity" or the villagegreennj.com article titled "College Visit Canceled by COVID-19? Virtual Tours Let High School Students Visit Without Leaving Home". They both have links to google spreadsheets that list virtual events and many colleges.

The situation of COVID-19 is definitely not ideal, but it gives more of an opportunity to have more virtual events. You can "visit" a school that is all the way across the country! Good luck with your college search!

2 years ago

Hey! I'm a high school junior as well. My email inbox has been pretty much flooded with college emails lately. Most colleges that I get emails from are saying they offer virtual tours of the school and you can connect with a counselor online for your questions. For specific colleges, I would recommend checking their website.


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