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What GPA out of 100 is in a good range for Ivy and Ivy+ schools for international students?

I am a Canadian with US Citizenship, and I am planning to apply for some top schools in the USA as there is a possibility that my whole family will be going there. I currently have a 93/100 average, so I was wondering if that was good for these schools?


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4 years ago[edited]

According to Crimson Education, these are the GPA averages for all 8 of the Ivy League schools.

Yale and Princeton are the easiest to comprehend because they do not give extra points for A+ so the theoretical max is a 4.0 and the % equivalent would be 97.5%. However, the other 6 schools give a 4.3 our 4.0 for an A+ so you end up with GPAs above 4.0.


Ivy League School Average GPA of Admitted Students

Brown University 4.05

Columbia University 4.13

Dartmouth College 4.01

Harvard University 4.10

University of Pennsylvania 4.04

Princeton University 3.90

Yale University 3.90

Cornell University 4.19

Here they are converted to 100 scale:

Brown University 101.25

Columbia University 103.25

Dartmouth College 100.25

Harvard University 102.5

University of Pennsylvania 101

Princeton University 97.5

Yale University 97.5

Cornell University 104.75

I'm assuming that your 93/100 is unweighted and a raw score. Unlike the assumption by the previous respondent, that actually translates to a 3.72 because you just multiply the numerator by 4.0, not somewhere between a 3.85 (96.25/100) and 3.90 (97.5/100). While it is a very good GPA is well below the middle 50% of admits by all 8 Ivy League schools. Typically 3.72 GPAs are scores that are required to get into schools like Colgate University, Lewis & Clark Collge, George Washington U., and American U, so like T25-T75 liberal arts colleges and research universities.

I would not make the blanket statement "but as long as the rest of your application is strong you should be capable of getting in" because that is incorrect information. In your case, these would be considered "far reach" schools and the only way to distinguish yourself would be through significant evidence of intellectual pursuits outside of the classroom and score in the 99th-99.9% percentile on various standardized tests like SAT (1520-1600/ACT (34-36) SAT subject tests (750-800) and the highest scores on IB or AP examinations like averaging 6.5 on IBs and 4.5 on APs.

The only other boost that may be afforded you is if you are a member of an indigenous marginalized and underserved population in Canada like the Inuits. See charts. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indigenous_peoples_in_Canada

Also, it helps significantly if you are a recruited athlete like a great hockey player, lacrosse player, or row crew.

It doesn't serve you any benefit to be placated so I'm sorry for being clinical about this. I think it's better to know what you face if you choose to apply to Ivys and Top Elite US colleges like Duke, Stanford, UChicago, Rice, and Johns Hopkins.

Good luck with your college admissions process.

4 years ago[edited]

{I have rescinded my answer since the other respondent is clearly much more knowledgeable on this subject. I would take their response over my previous response.}

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