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How much do colleges value certain Academic Awards?

I've earned 2 first place state-wide awards for Beta Club in History competitions Sophomore and Junior year, and I was ranked in the top 10 for nationals this past year. As well as that, I was on a team that went to the State Finals for Academic Bowl Freshman year. How much do colleges value these awards and certificates as showing that I am a good student and will they help me stand out when I apply?

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So just FYI Gordo that asking for an evulation of your chances isn't allowed that's what the chancing engine is for and your question borders on they grey line of that. But to answer any state and national awards through a competitive process are fairly highly valued. But if awards are just top of class they dont do anything for your profile. Just know that extracurriculars are valued more than awards but its perfectly acceptable to list the activities you gt your awards in as extracurricular activities.

Some schools value extracurriculars a huge amount others don't pay a lot of attention but rule of thumb is more selective a school is (admit rate) the more important nontangibles become. Nontangibles include essays ECs and awards among others

Hope this help and comment if you'd like more details on something.


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