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Tips for putting together a college list as an international student?

What are things I should consider as an international student when choosing which colleges to apply for?

I'm worried mainly because my GPA can be considered low (3.2) when compared to Americans' GPA.

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Could you provide a bit more context? Are you asking about tips to maximize your chances as an international student? Or do you want general college app tips for international students (including finaid, etc.)?

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I would like to know how to maximize my chances to be accepted by putting together a good college list.

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We have a livestream that is generally about building your college list: https://www.collegevine.com/livestreams/45/how-to-build-your-college-list. The key is to find a balance of target, safety, and reach schools.

Keep in mind that your chances as an international student will be lower, and that our chancing engine is not built for non-domestic students. You should also know that needing financial aid may impact your chances.

If your GPA is lower, that may not have as negative an impact as you think if GPAs are lower across the board at your school or in your country. Colleges care more about how you perform relative to those at your school.

Hope this helps!


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