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Out of State interested in UNC!

Hi all. I am finishing up my junior year of high school, and I am very interested in UNC chapel hill. Problem is, it’s a competitive school, especially for out of state students. The other issue, is money. Out of state tuition is far higher than instate. If anyone has been in this situation, what would you recommend or what did you decide to do?? Thanks!!


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8 months ago

Firstly, you should run the net price calculator for UNC-Chapel Hill. Here is the link: https://npc.collegeboard.org/app/unc

Check if it is affordable for your income level. UNC gives decent out-of-state financial aid but it may or may not be enough and we have no way of gauging that.

If UNC-Chapel Hill is affordable for you, then you need to think about your application. The average GPA at UNC-CH is 4.39 Weighted, meaning you should be at or near the top of your class. UNC has said their SAT requirement will resume for fall 2022, so you should aim for the 75th percentile, or 1470. Try to get higher as UNC-CH has an extremely low out of state acceptance rate of well below 20%.

Then make sure to do well on your essays: you will need to do the Common App essay and a few supplements. Get started on the former during the summer before senior year and make sure to revise throughout the fall. If you are able to, apply Early Action if your profile is strong enough to improve your odds.

Hope this helps!


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