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Would this be considered an honor, extracurricular, something else or nothing?

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So I’m a member of a discord server that has over 2k members. I was recently able to apply and get a pseudo-moderator role on the server. I’m not a moderator or an admin but I do end up having “authority” for lack of a better term. My extracurricular slots are all filled up. And my question is: Would this be considered an acceptable thing to put in the honors section or should I combine some of my ECs as a few of them are under an umbrella activity or is it not worth mentioning? I do spend a good amount of time on it like 30min/day.

With the previous info in mind does it change anything if it is a political server affect anything (it’s not a “fringe” server like qanon supporters or anything like that).


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Sounds more like a hobby, nothing that would qualify as an honor or extracurricular that would qualify as a big spike or a mini spike.

I don't think the nature of it changes anything.

If you are using discord as a platform for political activism to get more young people to vote or sign petitions to change legislature or something impactful that has lasting effects on your community, well that's political activism.

You seem more active on CV, but I wouldn't put that as an EC, just something you do get information disseminated or questions answered for the college admissions process.

Thanks! The reason I think that discord is one but CV isn’t is becuase of the “pseudo” authority I’m not one of a thousand members I’m like one of 10. I hope that makes sense and if so does that change anything. Also if I am elevated to full moderator would that count in your eyes? Again thanks for the help!