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If i get straight As my entire junior year what will my gpa be if its at a 3.66 right now?

I have taken 2 ap classes and about 11-12 honors classes since 9th grade

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a year ago

It would be a 3.77 assuming that your GPA is 3.66 unweighted right now.

If your 3.66 GPA is a weighted GPA then your weight GPA will be higher, of course, depending on how many weighted classes you are currently taking in 11th grade in proportion to the previous two years.

To get the most accurate figure, you need to provide your UWGPA and WGPA and how many credits or units your 3.66 is based on. 12? 14?

Then you have to disclose how many units you are taking in 11th grade and how your course work is split between non-weighted and weighted and how much weight your school gives you for weighted classes. 0.50+ point bump or 1.00+ point bump. So are you taking 5, 6, 7, or 8 classes, and how many are weighted?

There is no way to accurately estimate your GPA if is it a weighted 3.66.

Hope that helps.


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