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What are example of supplemental essay questions for schools like UMich and PSU?

11th grade, Groves Highschool, Michigan

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Have you reviewed the CollegeVine's essay guides yet? https://www.collegevine.com/essays

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2 years ago

So supplemental essay questions can change every year, but CollegeVine does a great job breaking down what they are asking for and how to best respond. Here is their guide from recent years on both schools

Penn State:




2 years ago

Usually most schools will have supplemental essays that ask you why you specifically want to attend that school or study the major you intend to study (or both). Others will have more creative prompts that try to get a better angle on your personality and experiences. UMich has a variety of them—last year they asked people to write about an extracurricular they'd been really involved in, a community they felt like they were a part of, and an essay about why they wanted to study at UMich. Penn State actually only had an optional personal statement that they left open-ended, unless you were applying to their honors college. Some big schools might not actually have supplement essays, but the most common ones will be those why school or why major ones.


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