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How can I enter additional college courses into my Chance Calculator?

Hi! So in my school, it's focused heavily on AICE courses provided by the University of Cambridge. These aren't as popular nationwide as AP courses are, but I've taken enough of the AICE courses to get a special diploma for it as well. I was just wondering if there was a spot you guys would recommend I place these courses in? Also how much would these influence the chance calculator? Thanks!

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The AICE courses are not well known in the US and many high school students like myself only heard about them as A levels and such, classes that kids in the UK take if they are brilliant.

There is no place on the chancing profile to put the AICE course or your grades like As on your A-levels.

Since many top schools however recognize these for either advanced placement credit or possibly college credit but I'm not sure about the latter, I would suggest using the space called AP/IB and entering the number of AICE courses you've taken. For instance 10 or 12.

Then I would create some kind of concordance table between AP scores and A levels. Passing AP test scores are 3, 4, and 5. So that would be like a 70-80 for a 3, 80-90 for a 4, and a 90-100 for a 5. I'm not sure how AICE courses are graded but I remember it's like A+, A,B, etc. So if you have 6 good AICE scores, enter them in the AP Course section which is optional and give yourself a 5 for an A+, a 4 for an A, and a 3 for B.

That should be a good surrogate for the lack of AICE functionality in the current CV chancing calculator.

Hope that helps.


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