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Does UChicago offer renewable full ride scholarships for international students?

I tried looking into their website but it became very confusing really fast. In some places it said they offer merit-based scholarship and in other places it said they offer need-baes financial aid.... What is going on?


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4 years ago[edited]

U Chicago is need-sensitive, not need-blind so they do take into account your family's ability to pay for your education when applying.

So chances are they will not be giving any International Students what you consider a full renewable ride. UChicago to my knowledge doesn't offer any merit-based scholarships nor do any other near Ivy schools or Top 20 colleges in America. The same goes for Ivys, MIT, Caltech.

The notion of a full renewable ride is sort of folklore even to Americans. Most top colleges will require you to fill out financial aid forms each and every year. There are very very few that will give you a 4-year award. However, if you apply to a less college like Fordham University, you will get a 4-year award (based on merit) however that award might only cover 25% to 50% of your expenses and you will have to come up with the other $150K-$250k over 4 years.

Schools that provide generous financial aid like Harvard, Stanford, UChicago, Columbia require their students to contribute in 3 ways.

1.) Work-study - an on-campus job for 10-12 hours a week, say $3000-$3500 per year ($12,000-$14,000 over 4 years)

2.) Summer job - where a fixed amount is required for the contribution say $1250. ($5,000 over 4 years)

3.) A fixed percentage of their annual savings. So if you have $2000 in the bank (they may ask for 20%-25% annually so that's another $2000 over 4 years).

As an Int'l student you will also have to pay the following:

1.) Travel back and forth for 4 years between your country to the college ($1250-$2500 per year)

2.) Any student VISAs through the US State Department ($500+)

3.) Any expenses for personal effects (clothing, shoes, cosmetics, prescriptions, etc)

4.) Any expenses for technology (laptop, printer, accessories, tablet, mobile phone)

5.) Health insurance fees assessed by the college ($2500-$3500 per year)

6.) Any misc. fees like (gym membership, beer money, etc.)

7.) Books and supplies ($1250 per year)

So even in the best-case scenario where your tuition, room, and board are awarded to you based on your family's ability to pay, you will have to come up with these costs on your own. Americans on a full-ride scholarship still have to pay $5000-$10000 per year and it's more for an International student.

Therefore if money is critical to you, I wouldn't count on UChicago or the University of Pennsylvania either. You have to do some research and figure out which schools you are interested in are 100% need-blind versus those that are need-aware or need-sensitive.

Hope that helps

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