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How does taking Advanced Mathematics at a University reflect on admissions to top tier institutions?

I began taking math classes at 15 at our local University (super lucky). I have always been a strong math student. I have completed Calc 2,3, Linear Algebra, and Diff EQ. I will take 2 more semesters of advanced math before I graduate from H.S. I love being able to continue to study math and am wondering if taking these classes will either positively or negatively be viewed by top tier institutions. Currently, I have a 4.00 GPA, including the University classes. (I am a competitive swimmer) I was accepted into SAMS at CMU last summer but due to COVID, it was canceled. I will be applying to another summer program for this summer. I am just beginning my college search and am looking at colleges with Division III swimming programs. Colleges like Carnegie Mellon, Skidmore, Pomona, Harvey Mudd, Bowdoin, Swarthmore, Williams, Stanford, and the University of Chicago (this is not a chance me question, these are the schools that have DIII programs and also academically rigorous).

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4 years ago

College Vine does a very good job at taking course rigor into account in their Chancing reports. You seem like a very well-rounded student and I'm sure that high level advanced classes don't go unnoticed when applying to any institution Ivy League or not.

(CV has a policy against "chancing" questions in the Q&A section. Your question is getting pretty close to that... Just sayin'...)

4 years ago

As Yoinkz says this definitely borders on chance me. But for the schools you are looking at taking math at a university is definitely impressive especially when going into STEM.

These would be considered going above and beyond normal APs so the impact these have is greater. But in response to your question it does have a positive impact.

The info on GPA and lifeguard doesn’t serve a purpose except chance mes.

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