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Can Counselor ED Agreement be changed from one university to another?

I had specified my ED2 college a few months ago on my CommonApp, and my counselor considered it final then and there and signed the Counselor ED Agreement to that college. Now when I have decided that I’ll be applying ED2 to another school, my counselor is adamant that once the Counselor ED Agreement is signed to one college, it cannot be reverted and signed to another. I have also told him that I won’t be submitting any application to the particular College this year, so if they won’t get an application, the ED Agreement would no longer exist. Am I wrong here? Can I not apply to another college for ED2 if my counselor has submitted ED Agreement to a different college for ED2? Also, could I get any reference which I could show my Counselor so he can believe me?

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It can be, all you have to do is change your “applying decision” under the “preferred admission plan” and it will automatically change it for you. If you do this though, you counselor will have to re-sign the ED tab for your new school

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As long as you do not apply to the first ED2 school and contact that school to tell them that you are not going to apply to their ED2, it should be not a problem to apply to the other ED2 school. Make sure you get copies of the correspondences so you can share that with your HS counselor. Why? Because he is going to want proof that you didn't apply ED2 to the first school before signing a 2nd ED2 form. That way you have a paper trail that you made a mistake and changed your mind. He is not wrong in not wanting to sign 2 ED forms, but it will be easier to convince him to do so if you have evidence that you are not applying to school 1 ED2 and they have acknowledged that they didn't receive anything from you as well.

When you have to rely on administrators in your HS to advocate and work on your behalf it's very important to do as much leg work as possible because otherwise, they can hold up your application. And you don't want to be on bad terms with them even if they were originally conflicted and wanted to follow the rules. You are the one asking for a favor now, so you need to be humble and pro-active, and thoughtful as well.

Good luck with your ED2 School application.


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