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Security of Personal Statement

Had this question at the back of my mind for a long time.

If I post a Personal Essay on CollegeVine, what is the security that it will not be stolen and used for personal use?

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@OFHansona year ago

It almost certainly won’t. Peers on collegevine are looking to help, not to steal—would this make sense at all? 🤔 I mean a personal essay is meant to be “personal” for a reason; hence the likelihood of it ever being stolen are very, very low. Everyone has their own story to tell that is “unique” to them. Also, it would be to their disadvantage to steal anyway. I don’t think you should worry

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a year ago

I submitted my personal essay to college vine and got a great review from a peer. It really reassured me that I had a solid essay and pointed out somethings I could edit. I don't think you should worry about this. Everyone has their own personal experiences to write about.

a year ago

So everything amingron is correct about the security of it being stolen. When you submit the essay/statement the only thing people can see is the topic and the first line. Then they have 1 hour and 1 hour only to review it after that it’s locked out for the reviewer. Also collegevine has additional measures that they use to track and ban people who likely steal essays. I don’t know what the system is as I don’t work for them but it’s likely very effective.

Also a lot of essays are about personal events like if as a member of band you did xyz and then you needed to prepare for a performance if that’s the topic of your essay then band should be an extracurricular for example essentially the rest of the application verified your essay to an extant. But if a essay applies to multiple people you know then it’s not a good essay.


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