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12/13/2020 at 09:07PM

What undergraduate major would you suggest if wanting to go into physical therapy and kinesiology?

I am currently a Junior in High School and starting the college search process... I'm not quite sure what category to choose. I am interested in the physical therapy and kinesiology field...

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12/13/2020 at 10:31PM[edited]

First off, you really need to specify on your interests before anyone can offer aid (otherwise the advice your gonna receive is more likely than not going to be opinionated a bit).

Since this seems to be a health-related question, I strongly, strongly suggest this site: (

I can only offer so much help as a fellow peer, but learning from undergraduate, pre-med, and even medical and nursing students will really open up your view on the pertaining subjects—

For Physical Therapy: “While there are no specific undergraduate majors required, many physical therapists get their start with a degree in biology, physics, psychology, healthcare, chemistry, kinesiology, or exercise science.” (

For kinesiology: Kinesiology is simply the study of something we all encounter every day: movement. It's also a college major that can lead to a successful career after you graduate. There's a lot to know about majoring in kinesiology, though. ... The types of jobs you can get with a kinesiology degree.” (