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I'm applying to a program, however it asks for a lot of personal/financial information... what should I do?

I want to apply to this program that I've heard a lot about, it seems to be a great program. It is a free college program that provides mentorship during the college application process. However, it does ask for a lot of financial information. I don't feel completely comfortable sharing those detail but I do want to apply. What should I do?


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a year ago

Hello @julylilys,

Like @CameronBameron mentioned, most people cannot give you a valid opinion unless you share the name of this program. If you share the name then maybe others who have tried the program can give you a more valid response, but this is what I would recommend:

If other people you know that have tried had a good experience with it, and the reviews seem good, then go for it as long as you are 100% confident that including your financial information will help you.

If you don't know anyone that has tried it, then I would try to skip that portion of the application and say I don't feel comfortable sharing, but in the case that you can't and you really don't feel comfortable then maybe just don't apply.

Another option would be putting in neutral numbers that perhaps you can change later once you gain more experience and trust with that program. If your not allowed to change them later or feel that this may change the outcome of your application then you could let them know that you want to apply but don't feel comfortable sharing your financial information.

In the end, this is all up to you, maybe talk to your family and see their opinions, hope this helped.

Stay safe,


a year ago[edited]

You haven't shared what kind of program it is so I don't think anyone could give you a valid opinion on how to proceed or to share and reflect on their own experiences.

So please share whether this is a college program, a community-based organization like Posse or Questbridge or a scholarship, or a summer school program.

That would be helpful.


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