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As a outofstate student, is UC Barkley/UCLA will be more competitive?

simple question as the summery.

from Georgia, is our chance to get into Barkley/UCLA is same ac calculated in Collegevine?



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a year ago

UC Berkeley and UCLA are very competitive for out of state applicants. However, their admit rates are approximately the same for out of state students. It's possible they might be higher as can be seen in this Forbes article (https://www.forbes.com/sites/kristenmoon/2018/11/15/uc-admissions-why-being-an-out-of-state-student-might-just-work-in-your-favor/?sh=2876e0a3527b). So your chances should be roughly the same.

However, the UCs cost around $66,000 for Out of state students, and offer almost no financial aid for these students. Thus if you want to apply to Cal or UCLA, you are going to want to make sure you can pay the full cost. In addition, the UCs are need-aware for Out of state students meaning that your chances could also depend on your ability to pay.

Hope this helps!


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