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Are any of my classes considered honors classes?

For Alg 1, Alg 2, and Geometry, my school offers advanced and regular and for English 9 and 10, my school offers regular, advance, and academic honors. For biology and sophomore chemistry, they offer regular and advanced classes. I have taken Alg 1 in 8th grade, alg advanced, biology advanced, and English 9 advanced in 9th grade, and in 10th grade, I'm taking chemistry advanced, English 10 advanced, and geometry advanced. Would any of these classes be considered honors classes?

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11 months ago

You'll probably have to check with your school as those are not the normal words used to describe class levels in the United States. There are usually regular, Honors, and AP level classes, and they are labeled as such on your transcript. Check with your guidance counselor or your teachers as they will know for sure. Best of luck!

11 months ago

Since your HS already designates which courses are academic honors vs advanced, I would defer and stick to their definitions when entering them in either the chancing profile or re-calculating your weighted GPA. According to your HS, only 2 classes Academic Honors English 9 and 10 qualify as an honor class and I assume that includes the benefit of a weighting to them either a 0.50+ point - 1.00 pt boost per grade on a 4.0 scale so an A would be treated as a 4.5-5.0 and so on.

You have indicated that you have not taken any academic honors classes so I wouldn't include them at this time.

I highly suggest you ask your school counselor if and Advance designations have a weighting to them or not. Or look at your school profile online and under graduation requirements and grading.

Also, keep in mind that top Top schools like Stanford only count your 10th/11th-grade coursework so classes you took in 8th and 9th will not factor into their re-calculated GPA for you should you apply.

Hope that helps. Good luck.


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