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a year ago
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Does UC Irvine easily accept appeals , it mentioned in its refusal that I could try for an appeal,so is it worth a shot?

I’m considered as an out of state student , though I live in India . I’m a us citizen .

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a year ago

Not sure exactly what you mean by "easily," but the instructions for how to appeal at UC Irvine are all here: You can look through the requirements, but you'd need to get several materials together, including an up-to-date high school transcript and a letter that goes over whatever new achievements or accomplishments are forming the basis for your appeal.

That said, appeals typically have to be based on significant new information to have any chance of working—they're probably not going to look at the same application a second time and make a different decision without seeing something like winning a major state or national award, or qualifying for an international contest of some sort, or receiving a huge research grant for an independent project. The only thing you can do outside of that is, if you have extenuating circumstances that have affected your schoolwork or something similar (family issues, medical problems, etc.), then you can also appeal based on that. But appeals in general rarely work—they're mostly for very special cases.

a year ago

If by "easily" you mean you have a good chance of getting accepted after you file an appeal than no, UC Irvine does not easily accept appeals. Most schools aren't going to change an admission decision easily unless there are significant developments that happen after you already applied like @jcdenton said.


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