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SUGGESTION: Archiving useful and repetitive Q&A’s??🤔

Since there seems to be a lot of questions coming and going down through the list (some of which are important questions but repetitive of previous Q’s), should collegevine start to archive some important discussion-posts/Q&A boards? Just a thought. For example, visit (https://forums.studentdoctor.net/) and check-out there format. Although SDN has perhaps more active forum members, it would be ideal to start archiving and even organizing posts so that these “important” questions don’t get lost into “internet outer space”.

Some topics I would suggest are:

1. The college essays

. -common app

. -supplement

. -scholarship/other

2. College applications

. -extracurriculars (sports and clubs)

. -extracurriculars (internships/jobs and other)

. -courses and coursework (regulars, honors, AP, IB, Dual-credit)

3. Testing

. -Sat/Act/Subject tests

. -international student tests

4. Majors/Minors

5. Section for current Seniors

6. Section for Juniors and under classmen

7. Secrion for undergraduates (if any are even online anymore; as guidance for currents high schoolers)

8. Any other important notes

I believe this all would really help! It may even provide future CollegeViner’s with insight on the past of college admissions (especially after the year 2020, which has and will continue to revolutionize this process). Note that this is just a suggestion provided here, all thoughts and opinions will be appreciated below : )


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3 years ago

Hi there! Thank you for your suggestion - it's a great idea. We are constantly looking for ways to improve the site for everyone, so we really appreciate the feedback. We hope to implement a solution to this problem and have been discussing this for a while. We can't say for sure when it will be done, as there are many other improvements we're constantly working on. But rest assured the feedback has been shared with the team and it's on our radar!

3 years ago[edited]

I think it would be awesome because I have read posts in the past that I still refer to and I have to like click next page or whatever until I find it and its pretty annoying. Anything to save time I welcome.

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