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Will the college summer classes that I took before my sophmore year of highschool be counted

I took a course at one of the community colleges in my state over the summer and I was wondering if Stanford would look at the grade that I earned in that class or exclude it from the GPA. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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10 months ago

Typically classes take after the full school years are consider summer classes for the following year. So if you took a class the summer of 10th, that is a 10th-grade class. Since Stanford re-calculates their GPA for you based on 10/11th grades they would include this class if it definitely shows up on your HS transcript. Sometimes students take college classes that do not show up on HS transcripts or are not core classes that can easily be justified by the HS to include them even as electives. If you took say AP Bio or AP Calc or a class that is equivalent to something like that, then Stanford would include them, but if it was something like Intro to Modern Dance, I'm not so sure about that unless your HS gave you credit for it.

Hope that helps.

10 months ago

Stanford admissions officers will look at the grade! However, they won't factor it into your high school GPA. While you are welcome to send grades and transcripts you've received from other institutions, it's important to remember that these supplemental grades won't carry as much weight in the admissions process as your primary high school GPA.


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