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β€’ 12/15/2020 at 03:54AM

How impactful it is to make a community club

My daughter is a Junior. She is working with a international children's organization since grade 9.

she was supposed to have school club this year, everything was ready. but due to covid, no teachers agreed to sponsor any club.

She had plan for fundraising etc, all set. If she is forming a community club and does good fundraising, sponsor for children education etc-

would that be a good impactful thing in her resume?


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β€’ 12/15/2020 at 04:20AM

Yes definitely. It shows that she has initiative and if she learns something from it then great. Also it could show dedication if she is consistently building on the club and sticking with it. Note that obviously the club has to do something and not just for a name sake but I'm sure she knows that. By the way, if she didn't find other executives to be part of the new club, then advise her to because managing any club alone is hard and im not sure about her school but my school mandates that you need at least two other executives to run a club. Possibly finding a treasurer so that he or she can handle the fundraising or donations? idk