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How do AP Exams and Dual Credit/Enrollment classes transfer to the universities I apply to?

I am a sophomore in high school in the San Antonio, Texas area. For the sake of this question, let's say I apply to and get accepted to the University of Texas at San Antonio. When I use their credit calculator and enter all of my AP exam scores (which include expected scores) and my Dual Credit classes (take through a community college nearby-Northwest Vista), it says I have a total of 84 credits. The website also says that I am 70% done with my Biology- Pre Med bachelor's degree. Can someone explains what this means? Does this mean I am essentially a junior in college once I graduate from high school? Also, is there a cap of the number of credits UTSA will accept taken through the AP or Dual Credit Program? Thank you so much!


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I agree with the answer by @JustPeachy because it explains that there is a maximum number of credits that a school will accept from incoming students. This applies to you and will likely require you to take some Biology and other related classes at UT San Antonio. I would also recommend you reach out to the school and confirm with them. The online calculator likely does not take into account the maximum number of credits that the school will accept from you. The school itself will provide you a better scope of the classes you will still need to take at University to achieve your Biology bachelor's degree.

Best of luck!

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Hi! I'm in California, which also has a really transparent community college to university transfer system like Texas. What you need to do is find the articulation agreement between Northwest Vista and UT San Antonio. For Biology, go to this page: http://myalamocatalog.alamo.edu/preview_program.php?catoid=143&poid=15150

For Texas Core Curriculum, go to this page: https://mysaccatalog.alamo.edu/content.php?catoid=141&navoid=7694

And, yes, it says there's a cap on the credits that will be accepted. There are in California, too. BUT, a way around that is to consider the following. For my own community college district, I had to take Human Biology before I could take Human Anatomy. Then I had to take a chemistry class to complete my prerequisites for Human Physiology. In the end, that was 17 units. But I can choose to only transfer Human Physiology, which is only five units, and I still won't have to take the prerequisites for its counterpart in university.


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