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Can MIT accept students with really less extracurricular experience?

Do I need to submit this to support poor extracurricular experience?

About the activities- I’m from India where students rarely do any extracurricular activity except for the ones there school provides. I know you have recruited people with some really high experience with extracurriculars. But for me, I even came to know about all this in 12th standard when I was given the INTERNET for the first time. I participated in almost all the activities of interest in my school. In India, a job is thought to be everything So around me no one ever talked about innovation even though I did, therefore, I only tried the activities of my interest at home and none official. I made some rockets even though I didn’t have any kind of help, not even the internet. And my rockets in the early stages were pressure pre-built in some container and shot out by a super small nozzle.

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10 months ago

Hey! That is a very interesting question.

There are a few options that u have with regards to how u want to convey this information.

1. U can mention this in the additional information section of ur application portal. However, it wud be best if u elaborated a little on how and why ur community allows less extra-curricular participation. U mentioned ur school has limited activities and u participated in those. Talk about them! They count! and as u mention in the end about ur rockets, that shows ur passion and u shud write about it!

2. Since we don't want college to look at applications negatively or make it seem like poor extracurricular is just an excuse for not taking initiative, u shudnt outright mention that u haven't done any activities. No matter how insignificant they may seem. They still count!

U can still ace college applications with stellar essays, recommendations, scores and test scores. Extra curricular are very important, but in any case, even the smallest of things like taking care of your neighbour's pet can count as an activity and experience.


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