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Should I submit a music recording to my application to a STEM major?

I am a high school senior applying to tufts, and want to show that I am more than just a STEM student and that I love music. I wanted to add a supplemental recording of a piece I am working on, but I'm not sure if it's even going to matter. For some background, my main college essay is about science, and most of my hs classes are AP and honors science and math. However, I was accepted into the all-state band and made the regional honors band (first chair). So, music is clearly a big part of my life. I am always hearing that being well rounded is an important part of your application, so I thought this might help add to that. Thanks for any insight you can give!

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10 months ago

Yes do it!!

Over the course of my research in the “admissions-process” it is absolutely ideal to place additional “features” of who you are as a person on the application. For me, I wish to become a physician-scientists studying genetic therapeutics against cancer; meanwhile I’ve been writing a book and plan to input my drafts on my application where applicable. Two separate desires right? But it will present the best ME that I can portray.

Remember, the goal of any application is to present the best YOU that you can. Also, this would definitely stand out. But the second thing you must consider is “does it put you under a bad spotlight?” Like does it curse, does have explicit content, or does it present something controversial? If not (and I’d assume not), then I believe you should place it on you application. Like an SAT Subject Test, it can only help, not hurt.

Hope this provided helpful insight!


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