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How can I improve my extracurriculars and what can I list in them?

I belong to an ICSE board curriculum where we don't often get more chances of extracurriculars but I've been participating in a lot of them, I would love to know how and in which tier should I list them?

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11 months ago

Hey there! I too study in the ICSE curriculum and I quite understand the limited opportunities offered to us.

While there is no particular order of listing them, since that should be determined by the following two factors:

1. How long and deep is your engagement with this activity.

2. How much value does the activity hold in your life.

3. Major Award or recognition in the activity, if any.

Based on highest to lowest, u can rank your activities.

Moreover, there are 2-3 ( maybe more, differs case by case) major engagements a person usually has: they spend the most time doing those. It could be a sport, musical performance, school clubs, community service, etc.

Hence, you should list them in the order which THEY MATTER TO YOU.

In case, for your reference:

order of listing can be - activity which got you international/national recognition > regional/state recognition > local > school level.


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