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How to see what people rate your review

I know you can see what rating other people give you on your editing that you do on their essays, but how can you see the commentary they left on your review?

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a year ago

You can not see their comments.

It's not a perfectly transparent system what so ever.

If a writer feels that your edits and suggestions were too harsh or they are not flexible or open-minded to receive such criticism, they will give you a poor rating whether or not you deserve that rating.

Therefore I feel that it's a broken system.

Editors who just want 5 stars will more often than not just placate the writer, stroke their ego, and give them false accolades in order to get 5 stars.

And really good editors will sometimes get a 5, a 4, 3, or worse.

So many good editors feel that the reward is not worth it.

It really doesn't matter if you are a top 5 or top 20 reviewer because your suggestions could very well be mediocre but the reviewer likes them so you get the boost.

If CV permitted the reviewer to see all the comments, they could then appeal the bad rating to CV support if it was deemed retaliatory rather than objective. But that's not going to happen.

a year ago

Hi @av2021,

Right now, there isn't a way to see the commentary an essay submitter leaves on your review. However, we're definitely looking to add this soon!

In the meantime, if you email support@collegevine.com with details about which essay review you'd like to see the commentary on, I can look into it for you!

@av2021 -- out of curiosity, what prompted you to want to see the commentary?


CollegeVine Support Team

a year ago

You can't which is super annoying.


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