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Do colleges consider your senior AP classes when judging course rigor?

I am a junior and want to apply to Duke Early Decision in the 2021 fall. I was only able to take 1 AP course this year and that means I would have taken 4 in all before senior year. However, I want to take about 4 AP classes next year. Is this enough to show to admission officers that I am challenging myself? Also, I think my school does provide most AP courses.

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In regards to your question, your junior year is going to be judged the most, considering schools will not be able to see your final grades until after an offer is proposed. However, showing that you will be challenged through your time in APs in senior year will help you significantly as it shows growth in your academic abilities. Taking 3 APs in sophomore year, then one in junior, and none in senior would show an admissions committee that you may lack confidence in yourself or could not handle the classes. Taking four would counteract that. That said, make sure you are academically prepared to do so: that amount of APs is challenging for most students; balancing that with an increased focus on college applications can be a lot to handle.

I wish you the best of luck in your APs; universities definitely take senior coursework into consideration.

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