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I'm currently doing A-levels. Confused about my chances


While creating my chancing profile here on collegevine, I came across the AP/IB classes section. However, I'm an international student doing A-levels. How would I put in data into those boxes to get accurate chances of me getting into universities?

I take three subjects in my A levels and although my school offers a WIDE range of subjects, we have to select a minimum of 3. Some students take 4 subjects and RARELY one student in a batch would ever take more than that.

Do you have your AS level grades? I'm pretty sure you can apply to universities with that. That's what I'm going to be doing
I have my A level predicted grades and that is what I added to my GPA in the chancing profile of collegevine. I'm just confused as to what to do with the AP/IB classes section to get an accurate chancing profile.

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I also do A-Levels, so I understand your situation. I used to Collegevine calculator to calculate my GPA. I just left the AP/IB sections blank.

Keep in mind, chancing profiles are completely accurate, especially because they don't consider essays and letters of recommendations, so don't take this too seriously.